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IT Project Manager. Alex

During your professional journey, which job or project has brought you the most satisfaction? Why?

The most satisfying experience for me was developing the project management department in an engineering company. Surprisingly, it turned out to be the most creative profession I have pursued. I believe it is a true indicator of how well you and your profession align - how you perceive your work as a form of creativity. Managing such a systemic division primarily involves designing business processes and delving deep into the operational management of the entire company, including financial management. It also entails a substantial amount of communication, travel, and, most importantly, tangible results that can be seen and felt.

Apart from your primary profession, do you have any hobbies or engage in other fields that complement your primary work? If yes, briefly describe them and explain how they enhance your overall work.

Currently, my work is associated with managing completely different projects - IT projects, which poses a significant challenge for me. The tasks may be similar, but the people working in this industry are entirely different. It requires a different expertise. I had to unlearn many things that I was accustomed to in engineering, become more flexible, and learn to embrace project changes as a given.

As someone who has experience in your profession, what suggestion would you give people who are considering whether to study or work in this field?

Tips for individuals considering studying or working in a multidisciplinary field where soft skills are important:

  1. Don't try to fit perfectly from the start; look for a profession that allows room for growth.
  2. Have confidence in yourself and avoid speaking negatively about yourself during interviews.
  3. Highlight your skills in goal setting, communication, planning, and achieving results.
  4. Remember that you may be the best candidate despite not fully meeting the requirements initially.
  5. Your experience or education may be exactly what the employer finds most interesting.

Could you recommend one or a few independent educational resources available online in English that you find valuable for people looking to learn more about your profession?

I would recommend choosing one of the books from the Project Management Institute based on the type of projects that interest you. It is also essential to take a basic management course and a course on financial management.

Aleksei Gafurov, 33, Tiberias, Israel

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