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Brilliant is an online learning platform and an app that focuses on teaching math, science, and computer science through interactive and engaging content. It offers a wide range of courses and lessons designed to challenge and inspire learners of all levels. The platform's content consists of well-crafted problem-solving exercises, interactive quizzes, and thought-provoking puzzles, all aimed at building deep conceptual understanding.

Brilliant stands out for its emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The platform presents complex concepts in a structured and accessible manner, making it easy for learners to grasp even the most challenging topics. The interactive nature of the content keeps learners engaged, fostering active participation and deeper learning. The carefully curated curriculum ensures a progressive learning experience, allowing learners to build a solid foundation while also tackling advanced subjects.

Brilliant offers a dynamic and interactive learning experience that fosters deep conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills. It is particularly well-suited for learners interested in math, science, and computer science. Overall, Brilliant is a valuable resource for learners seeking to enhance their knowledge and critical thinking abilities.

With Brilliant you can learn
  1. Mathematics
  2. Foundational Math
  3. Science
  4. Computer Science
  5. Software Development
  6. Data Science
  7. Statistics
  8. Statistics and Finance
  9. Foundational Logic
  10. Data Science
  11. High School Math
  12. Engineering
  13. Probability

Brilliant was launched in the year 2012.

This article was published May 14, 2023

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

Level of Difficulty: Advanced

Content Type: Online courses and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Content Type: Educational apps and games

Cost: Free

Cost: Paid

Languages: All

Languages: English

Science: Mathematics

Science: Foundational Math

Science: Software Development

Science: Computer Science

Science: Data Science

Science: Statistics

Science: Probability

Science: Statistics and Finance

Science: Foundational Logic

Science: Data Science

Science: High School Math

Science: Engineering

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