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MasterClass is an online learning platform that offers video-based courses taught by renowned experts in various fields. It covers a wide range of subjects including writing, cooking, music, acting, filmmaking, sports, business, and more. The platform distinguishes itself by providing high-quality production value and access to celebrity instructors who share their expertise and personal experiences. Each course consists of pre-recorded video lessons, typically divided into chapters, with accompanying lesson plans and downloadable materials to enhance the learning experience.

Overview of user reviews
The platform offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn directly from industry icons, providing unique insights and perspectives that can inspire and motivate learners. The production quality of the courses is exceptional, with visually appealing content and immersive storytelling techniques. The platform's emphasis on storytelling and personal anecdotes adds an engaging element to the learning experience. MasterClass also provides lifetime access to course materials, allowing learners to revisit and review the content at their convenience.

MasterClass offers a unique and captivating learning experience, providing access to world-class experts and their invaluable knowledge. The platform's exceptional production quality and emphasis on storytelling contribute to an immersive educational journey. While it may not provide extensive hands-on practice, MasterClass serves as a source of inspiration and a window into the minds of renowned professionals across various fields.

Foundation date
MasterClass was launched in the year 2015.

Level of students
MasterClass may be suitable for beginner and intermediate level students.

With Udacity you can learn:
Writing, Acting, Filmmaking, Directing, Photography, Music Production, Singing, Songwriting, Guitar, Piano, Electronic Music Production, DJing, Art and Creativity, Painting, Interior Design, Architecture, Fashion Design, Makeup and Beauty, Cooking, Culinary Arts, Mixology, Science and Exploration, Space Exploration, Physics, Astrophysics, Economics, Business Strategy, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Negotiation, Sports, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Chess, Poker, Magic, Comedy, Acting for Comedy, Animation, Graphic Design, Film Scoring, Game Design, Independent Filmmaking, Journalistic Writing, Nature and Conservation, Adventure Photography, Documentary Filmmaking, Acting for the Camera, Electronic Music Production, Beatmaking, Nonfiction Writing.

This article was published May 13, 2023

Content Type: Online courses and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Content Type: Webinars and virtual conferences

Cost: Paid

Science: All

Art: All

Health: All

Social Sciences: All

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

Art: Animation

Art: Architecture

Art: Art and Creativity

Art: Fashion Design

Art: Graphic Design

Art: Interior Design

Art: Makeup and Beauty

Art: Painting

Art: Photography

Health: Culinary Arts

Health: Healthy Living

Health: Nutrition

Health: Wellness and Mindfulness

Science: Astrophysics

Art: Documentary Filmmaking

Science: Nature and Conservation

Science: Physics

Science: Science and Exploration

Science: Space Exploration

Social Sciences: Economics

Social Sciences: Leadership

Social Sciences: Negotiation

Social Sciences: Poker

Health: Sports

Health: Tennis

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